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How to scan a lottery ticket

The need to keep your lottery ticket safe from damage has led to the use of scanning apps. The introduction of smart mobile applications such as ScanTicket helps you scan your coupons, lottery tickets, and online orders track your expenses. This article looks at how you can scan your lottery ticket using this application.

1. About the App

best receipt scannerScanTicket is a revolutionary application that once you download, it will automatically sort lottery scans by date and categories for easiest access anytime and anywhere you want. Additionally, the app will show you, your monthly expenses with easiness and simplicity. ScanTicket is the cheapest way to track your lottery ticket. It offers real-time scanning and processing with the scanned documents automatically saved to your google drive.

• Access data on multiple devices

Besides, you can easily access you’re your data on multiple devices anywhere due to its feature of cloud back up of details. The application is available for iPad and iPod touch. The application is free for the first 20 scans afterwards you can subscribe for $3.99 per week and automatic cloud back up of all your scans. Moreover, the applications menu are simple and efficient with one click you can scan a ticket, swipe, and record in a very simple manner.

• Automatic storage

Everything is automatically stored using the dates, and you can group all the tickets depending on your choice. Additionally, it has a menu for your information where you can sign in and out, and connect to your Dropbox account to export an extra copy of your tickets.

• Free to purchase

ScanTicket is free for purchase in the app store and is around 34 MBS. ScanTicket has a monthly and cumulative salary view across all your categories in your application.

2. How to use the application to scan your ticket

When you want to scan your lottery ticket, you will need to download a mobile scanning application such as ScanTicket. You will then hit the camera icon to scan your lottery ticket. The mobile app has to be on a smartphone, you can find it on iTunes.
Hold your phone in such a way that you scan your ticket within your phone. Consequently, Then you can crop and edit the scanned photo according to your preference. Finally, you can categorize the ticket by adding a price, name, and date.

3. Application Features

• Touch and scan your lottery
• Sort your lottery by date and category
• You can custom your category as you need them
• Fast search sorted by categories
• Synchronize your scans to your Dropbox account
• Cloud backup for your scan
• Available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

4. Advantages of using ScanTicket

ScanTicket helps you to get rid of bulky papers by being able to keep them in one place, your phone. Additionally, it also helps to keep track of your expenses dating from any month you might want.
The application is cheap and links to your Dropbox account. The application also helps you to plan your budget and expenditure. You can go back and refer to your lottery ticket any day you want as you save them automatically.


ScanTicket is a great mobile application that helps you to automatically save your lottery ticket to the cloud thereby making it easier to access through any device. It helps to empty your wallet with the high number of lottery tickets in your pockets giving you an alternative solution to keep your tickets in a digital format and well organized in your phone. Try this best ticket scanning application, ScanTicket for efficient storage of your tickets.


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