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Unscannable paper : What are the solutions ?

Problem scanning is an error which occurs if you keep getting a problem when scanning docs on the first attempt where it always fails, but on a second or third attempt you can scan the document. The most common question asked is whether there is a way of making it work on the first attempt?

This error occurs mainly because of the corrupted system files, faulty drives or wrong service configuration. First you should make use of the troubleshooter to test your device for problems and attempt to fix the problems automatically as an initial trouble shooting step. Take note, if you are using a windows app trouble shooter, it does not fix every problem but; it is a useful tool to first try as it can save you effort and time.

If the problem persists, I recommend you to search for other corrupt operating system files. For example, the System File Checker is a Windows tool for scanning damaged Windows system files. Then, it tries to replace the corrupt system files with the cached version on the device.

If this proves too much of a task for the System file checker, the deployment image service and the management tools will look for the corrupted files, and then download and replace the files through Windows Update.

If you understand the value of finding a scan solution that is effective but you do not know what to do with your ton of papers and cash receipts, look no farther! ScanTicket is the solution for you. It will save you time and money. This application has revolutionised storage, allowing you to store your tickets in a digital format and well-set up iPhone application.

The applications menus are simple and efficient, making the reference application for everyone. Just by one click you can scan your ticket, and then crop it with a swipe of the fingers on the four corners of the scan, and then finally you record. It has a convenient option that remembers the names of old tickets making it faster and easier to get in.

For classifications, the application automatically stores everything in the order of decreasing dates. The main menu will allow you to group all of your tickets in to categories.

The application has a free subscription for the first 20 scans. This will help you determine if it fits your needs. Afterwards you will need to subscribe to a weekly payable subscription with a 7 day’s free trial. You will also get an automatic cloud backup of all your tickets to save them.


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