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white headphones on top of computer tablet.

Nahmic : audio solution for Mac

Nahimic audio software offers an astounding high definition sound technology for your computer. The advanced sound effects guarantee the best audio experience. Whether you’re watching your favourite TV show or listening to the latest songs, Nahimic has you covered.

Discover a new immersive experience by using Nahimic. With its amazing features and rich details, Nahimic optimizes your audio setup to give you an authentic 3D sound audio effect.


Nahimic is compatible with any modern audio device. From speakers to headphones. All its top-notch effects are available on each and every audio device.

Outstanding features

Volume amplifier– Nahimic ensures you get optimum sound quality by using its volume amplifier feature. The volume amplifier perks up the sound of your computer to give you clear audio output.

3D sound– Nahimic also comes with a sophisticated 3D sound technology via stereo devices. The 3D sound effect boosts your audio content from the centre to the sides of the scene. There will be no sound distortion whatsoever but rather an intense, natural audio resonance.

Volume stabilizer– Regardless of the exemplary sound effects, Nahimic helps maintain a steady volume by making automatic volume adjustments. It is designed to constantly make volume changes for an even and comfortable sound experience.

Nahimic for gamers

Through its finest technology, Nahimic provides you with incredible gaming experience. Look forward to pleasant interactions, with excellent features like static noise suppression, echo cancellation and voice stabilizer.

The sound tracker feature helps you spot imminent threat during the game. It is properly displayed on the screen of your favourite game and can easily be shifted and customized. Other features including the voice stabilizer and night mode are created to give you a more realistic gaming experience.

Find more and download it from : http://www.nahimic.com/app/


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