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What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of technology to target audiences and deliver advertising messages online. It allows advertisers to better target their audience and deliver their messages to a wide audience. Programmatic advertising is a modern approach to online advertising that allows advertisers to be more effective in their advertising campaigns.

Who is Gamned, a recognized player in programmatic?

Gamned is a French programmatic company founded in 2009 by Olivier Goulon and Anthony Spinasse. Gamned has quickly established itself as one of the leading programmatic players in France and Europe. The company now has over 250 employees in its offices in Paris, Lyon, London and Berlin. Gamned was recently acquired by Publicis Groupe.

What future for programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying of advertising is a major challenge today for advertisers looking to optimize their advertising budgets. Indeed, programmatic allows to address Internet users more efficiently, thanks to advanced targeting tools. More and more advertisers are seduced by programmatic and trust companies like Gamned to manage their advertising campaigns.

According to some estimates, programmatic advertising should represent 75% of the advertising market within a few years. Programmatic advertising has indeed become an essential part of the advertising landscape, and many companies have already chosen to embark on this adventure.

However, programmatic advertising is not without risks. Indeed, it can sometimes be a source of fraud, especially regarding false clicks. In addition, some advertisers may have difficulty mastering this tool, which can result in ad campaigns, hence the interest in going through recognized and secure platforms like Gamned.

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