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Ways to Keep Negative Energies from Clinging to You

We often (or sometimes) feel irritated and not very positive upon waking up first thing in the morning. It could be from an extremely unpleasant dream or we might be thinking of an unproductive, angry argument we might’ve had with a friend, family member, stranger or colleague. This feeling can carry for the rest of the day and evening if nothing is done about it. Whatever put us in a foul mood doesn’t matter at this point. What does matter is that this negative energy must be cleared from you and your home. It serves no one any good so let’s get rid of these dark energies forever, shall we? Here are some ways how:

1. Cleansing Spaces With Fire, Water, Sea Salt, Incense and Music (Sounds, Prayers, Mantras, Chants)

Let’s focus on the spaces where you spend the most time: your home, and your work area whether it’s an office, cubicle, warehouse or desk. Burning a sacred candle or incense works very well in the home and other spaces. Be certain to use frankincense, white sage, palo santo or other tool of divinity. Walk around the area you’re cleansing in a clockwise direction with your smudge stick or whatever is burning. Feel free to use candles as well. Stick with non-toxic beeswax candles (without paraffins) to keep the air pure. Other ways to clear unwanted energies is by spraying a holy water or energy clearing water around the space. Also, fill receptacles with sea salt and place in the space (or on a desk) in order for the negative energies to become trapped in it. Dispose of the used salt every day. Lastly, playing mantras, chants, prayers, music of healing Tibetan or crystal bowls – not only sounds wonderful and clears unwelcome energies, but it boosts your health and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and cheery.

2. Avoid Negative People and Places

It is very common to absorb negativity from excessively negative people. You can always sense yourself taking on the energy of those around you so it is wise to surround yourself with positive people. Negative people drain you and oftentimes their energy clings on to you and it can make you feel not like your generally happy self. It doesn’t seem obvious to some folks but in order to steer clear of these undesirable energies, avoid these downer people! Yes, it is that obvious. Granted, we realize you might not have that option because you work with them or there’s another reason why they have to remain in your life. In this case, do the best you can to minimize the time you must spend with these people. While some are unavoidable, in this circumstance, protect yourself by strengthening your auric field and/or wear protective gem stones. For negative places, stay away! This is, if it’s possible. If not, please minimize the time spent in these places.

3. Take a Sea Salt Bath or Swim in the Ocean

Salt possesses an irrefutable potential to clear negative energies and entities from your body and aura when you take a sea salt bath or swim in the ocean. The bothersome and inconvenient force is removed from your energetic field. It has a relaxing, regenerative capability that also clears the darkness. When you’re feeling fatigued and drained, you might not feel like swimming in the ocean but in that case, a warm comfy sea salt bath, mellow lighting and some lavender essential oil diffusing in the bathroom – can do wonders for you. You’ll feel a million times better, so try it! What also gets you to feel like a million bucks is swimming in the ocean. You will get grounded, which is an absolute necessity because it brings you to connect energetically to the core of Mother Earth, our beautiful Gaia. This helps to become centered, in harmony with your soul and aware of everything and extraordinarily mindful of life.

4. Visit an Energy/Holistic Healer

When you feel “off” and discombobulated, it could be because your chakras are not aligned, so the energies in your body are not flowing correctly. This can happen when you have negative energies that are messing with your body. We would recommend that you see a holistic healer who could help align your chakras and get your body’s natural flow of energy to work like a well-oiled machine. Healers are equipped with a variety of healing modalities that are astonishingly and effectively robust at clearing away the undesirable energies. If it is your first visit to one of these kinds of healers, keep an open mind and go into your session with an optimistic attitude toward alternative methods of healing. For example, the healer might give you a massage, play a drum near you, use various tools (you might never have worked with ever before) like tuning forks, healing bowls, crystals and sacred geometry, burning herbs, gri-gris, amulets, and totems to name a few. They might ask you to do breathing exercises or other sacred movement practices or even something that seems strange to you. Just go with the flow and trust that they are helping to move and/or remove energy.

5. Wear Rocks

We’re not suggesting that you wear any ole kind of rock; we’re proposing that you consider using crystals and other powerful stone/gem as protection against getting bombarded by dark forces, in the form of negative energies or entities. Crystals and gemstones have the miraculous ability to repel, absorb and transmute harmful elements. We’ll advise a few kinds of stones but please do your homework to find what will ideally work for you. Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian are incredibly effective because they can block and absorb negative energies while at the same time they can clear clogged energy in the space. Smokey Quartz – While it is associated with gentle healing, smokey quartz can pack a punch when it comes to being able to protect. It can be programmed with whatever intention you might have for it so infuse an intention filled with protective qualities and this will help repel negativity from you and your environment. Fluorite – The essence of fluorite is centered on protection. It will protect you from negativity, stress, bad behavior patterns, undesirable outside influences, others’ bad attitudes, etc. Other stones to take into consideration: amethyst, hematite, jet (although this is a petrified/fossilized wood, it looks like a stone), labradorite, kyanite, emerald, tiger’s eye, sapphire among others. IMPORTANT: Cleanse your gems/stones properly (moonlight, salt, etc.) and regularly.

These above examples are several ways to combat negative people, energy and entities but there are a myriad of other possible methods available. Choose what works well for you but above all, ensure that you set your specific intention to whatever you’re looking to achieve. Yes, you would like protection and assistance to rid your life of negative forces, however, whatever method you use must come with a heartfelt intention. Please remember this and you will surely be successful at this endeavor.

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