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Receipt Scanner App : Keeping Track of your Budget

Keeping a close eye on the amount of money you spend in a month can be difficult but with a Receipt Scanner App you instantly know how much your expenses have amounted to enabling you to economise where necessary. It’s a convenient app that is free to use and is compatible with your iOs smartphone providing it is at least version 9.0, an iPod and iPad.

How the Receipt Scanner works

best receipt scannerEvery time you make a purchase you simply scan your receipt and the app will store the details in your smartphone. You can also keep track of the money you have allocated to online orders and even include any coupons for money-saving special offers. It’s easy to add extra information such as a date, name and price. The app allows you to adjust the tone and brightness of the screen display and there is a facility to edit and crop the information. There is also a choice of languages including English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

What Information is Displayed

Every receipt you scan is recorded and instantly sorted into different colour-coded sections by ScanTicket which allows you to immediately discover how much you have spent wherever you are. The app is ideal for helping you to keep an accurate check on how much you can spend when you are out shopping. Expenses are shown for each month under various headings such as home, food, car, pets, clothes and leisure. The screen displays how many receipts have been stored and how much money you have spent under each heading. The main total of all the sections combined is also displayed enabling you to analyse your monthly expenditure in detail. You can even compare the amount under each heading with other months to track the progress of your expenses throughout the current year or use the data to analyse monthly expenditure from previous years.

Storage Space for Receipts

The Receipt Scanner App comes complete with 33.8MB of memory space but there is the option to purchase extra storage for a total of one hundred tickets. In addition there is a weekly or annual Premium subscription available that enables you to store an unlimited number of receipts. The Premium subscription also allows you to transfer and synchronise data between any of your other devices.

Subscription Settings

When you purchase a Premium subscription your iTunes account registers the payment. You have complete control over your subscription through your iTunes Store Settings. Although you cannot cancel your Premium subscription while it is in active use, you can opt to cancel the automatic renewal feature. This needs to be done at least twenty-four hours before the Premium subscription is due to be renewed. Payment for the next instalment of the automatic renewal subscription is charged to your account in the twenty-four hours before the present package ends.

If you need more information, please visit the site of the best receipt scanning app for iphone : ScanTicket.

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