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Maison Sassy : French Online Store of Apple Drinks

Made 100% naturally and 100% pure juice, without any additives, and directly from the fruit, sassy is a drink you should try. Sassy is made entirely of fruit, with no added ingredients. SASSY is against the grain and urges you to enjoy cider in new and exciting ways. Their cider, Rosé, Poiré, and, brut all hail from Normandy, will meet all of your cider cravings with freshness and flavour.

Maison SASSY is more than just cider. Low-calorie wine alternatives and remarkable cocktail components are handcrafted mixed and combined in traditional Norman provenance with the current cocktail culture to make excellent aperitifs.

The fresh, modern era of traditional Normandy cider is Maison SASSY. Thanks to their co-founder Xavier’s family and their love for the terroir, their home – the Château de Sassy in Normandy – has retained the cidre and calvados production tradition since 1852.

These are the refreshing drinks you can find at the Maison Sassy (French online store drinks)

Cidre Brut

The fruitiness of a quasi cidre properly balances the traditional dry taste of a cidre brut. Smooth enthusiasm, filled with leather and apple aromas, delicate acidity, bitterness, and roundness balance, gives the perfect taste.

The cidre brut is made of 22 different types of apples. It has a golden and bright colour, sparkles a little, and a 5.2% ABV and comes with an aroma of leather and apple. It is best served at 8 degrees celsius.

Cidre rosé

Fruit flavours and moderate acidity combine for a pleasant mouthfeel and a long finish in this very well cidre. It’s best served as an aperitif with sorbet or pastry treats.

It is made of 18 different types of apples. It has a natural pink colour, smooth and round mouthfeel, moderately balanced between a soft and semi-dry cidre. It Comes with a sweet aroma of red fruit and apple, has a 3% ABV, and is best served at 8 degrees celsius.


With a hint of acidity and a silky effervescence, Crisp complements the pear’s inherent sweetness. It goes well with fish, seafood, and light chocolate desserts as an aperitif.

It has a 2.5% ABV. Made of 12 different pears, it has a clear and bright colour. It is refined and delicate and has a sharp and slightly tannic but soft mouthfeel. It comes with an aroma of fresh pear and is best served at 8 degrees Celsius.

Cidre Organic

It is made with five organic Normandy cider apples farmed and picked near the Chateau de Sassy. A fruity punch with terroir notes at the front of the mouth, reminding you of the product’s Norman roots. It complements soft pasta, cheese, and white meats nicely.

It is made of 12 different pears, has a clear and bright colour. Has the sweet aromas of a fresh pear. It is refined and delicate, slightly tannic, sharp but the soft mouthfeel and a 2.5% ABV and best served at 8 degrees Celsius.

Cidre Extra Brut

A rustic but clear nose characterizes dry farmhouse-style cider. This recipe was passed down down the years from the cider served at the Château de Sassy.

It pairs well with robust meats, cheese, and charcuterie.

Made of 5 different types of traditional apples and has a golden yellow naturally occurring sediment, it is considered a dry farmhouse style cidre. It has a 5% ABV and is best served at 8 degrees Celsius.


Apple juice

Made with 100% pure Normandy apples (5 types) produced and picked close to the Chateau de Sassy.

It is delicate and fresh, with an authentic fruit flavour of Organic apple kinds blended and are Bright, clear amber colour Round, with a velvety texture. Eight °C is the ideal temperature for serving.

Official website : https://www.maison-sassy.com/en/

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