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How & Why You Must Focus on Grounding Yourself

When we discuss “grounding” we are not speaking of grounding as in “getting grounded” (by someone like mom and dad), like for example, a punishment for having done something that is not allowed – rather, we are talking about grounding yourself in order to become more stable and robust physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The act of grounding yourself is of utmost importance because when you are grounded, you feel more connected to the earth, nature, animals and humanity. When you are not grounded sufficiently, you are like a loose single feather wafting and meandering aimlessly in the wind, easily manipulated, which, if you’re paying attention, is a metaphor for life.

To ground is to become aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times. It gives you a sense of peace within yourself and you feel more balanced, confident and open to new ideas but at the same time, you can maintain a sense of fine tuning and discernment. This way, you’re able to make solid, productive and wise decisions in life. You’re able to be a successful problem solver, you’re able to negotiate various levels of difficulty and strife in situations and interactions, but you are also able to handle everything with grace and ease. When you ground yourself to Mother Nature, you awaken all your senses and are able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so-to-speak. In other words, you are able to sift and filter out the BS from the truth.

Grounding is  an essential practice in personal development, healing (because it deflects harmful electromagnetic frequencies and more), working toward mind/body/spirit balancing (i.e., chakras, energies), and conscious, spiritual evolution.


Upon first glance of this method, you might think it will be an easy one but think again. This takes practice to truly master the art of mindfulness because our minds can wander so easily at the drop of a hat, to plan something in the future, for example, meal planning (“What am I going to prep for dinner tonight?”, what to wear to work or on a date , etc.) Our minds are notoriously busy planners and while that can be incredibly helpful, efficient and convenient at times, it is the opposite of being mindful in the now moment. Perhaps you rarely live in the now moment? It is never too late to nurture this most essential skill! There are some of you that might have NO CLUE about how to be mindful, so read carefully please.

Mindfulness means being absolutely present and aware of what is going on, what you’re doing, what you’re saying, what others are saying/doing. It calls upon you to enjoy every moment, no matter what you’re doing. Maybe you’re hand washing your car because you parked it under a tree that left sticky droplets of sap on it. Instead of grumpily and begrudgingly washing your car, try to enjoy every aspect of it. Why not? Isn’t it better to be happy than not? Clear your “monkey mind,” calm your emotions, breathe deeply and stop overthinking. Enjoy the soapy suds as you wash away the sap. Contemplate every moment as you dunk your giant sponge into the slippery, cool soapy bucket of water. Relish in every swipe or stroke of the sponge that beautifully removes the dirt and grime. Take pleasure in the refreshing fragrances it emits, etc. You see, existing in the now moment of what you do can help you love life, be happy and truly enjoy every aspect of everything you do. Now, apply this method to everything at every moment possible, and see how you feel. We might be so bold as to guess that this practice will be one of the most transformative for you.


We feel that meditation is one, if not the most important activity to incorporate into your life every day, in order to be in a wonderful state of being, one that is joyful, meaningful, stress-free and connects you to a higher power and places you in the most now moment, as well as in a blissful excitement and awareness. When you meditate, you can first declare an intention for your particular meditation session, whatever it is. Your session doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional style of sitting cross-legged and attempting to empty the chatter, although we like this method. Meditation is actually much more accessible, for instance, if you cannot sit still and quiet. take a mindful walk in nature or your neighborhood. Make certain that you stay focused in the present moment and pay attention to your whole body, your movements and be aware of your environment. If your mind drifts, bring it back to now and concentrate on your breath as you walk along your path. If you partake in guided meditations, look for some that you love and makes you feel good and grounded.


Whenever you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, distracted, lost and spaced-out, it means you are not grounded enough but there are times you don’t even realize that you are. When you focus on yourself, your breath, your movements, your emotions, it can indicate to you that you are fine, present and grounded and with practice and meticulous observation of yourself, you will begin to recognize when you’re ungrounded, which should trigger you to do something about it, rather than remain in a less sacred, spiritual frame of mind.

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