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Effective and Simple Ways to Experience Joy in Your Life

Be One With Nature

We are, for the moment, beings living on Earth and it makes utter sense to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you call her Gaia, Pacha Mama, Sophia or simply Mother Earth, you can thank her for being able to traipse all over her beautiful beaches, forests, national parks, oceans, jungles, mountains, etc. We are closely connected to both earth and the cosmos and when we truly focus on either and/or both of these influences, our connection brings light and love to our hearts. Lounging leisurely at the beach watching and listening to the waves lap gently onto the shore, feeling the blissful warmth of the sun on your skin and being cooled down by the light wind, and maybe take a dip or a swim in the ocean to get a burst of refreshing energy- this is an experience that brings most people so much comfort and happiness. If the beach isn’t your thing, find your peace in the mountains after a rewarding hike. Find a place to settle down and let your body absorb the overwhelming beauty of your surroundings. Sit around a camp fire with family, friends or on your own, and truly be mindful of what you’re doing and focus on enjoying yourself. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and will power to get out into nature to really connect with it, and sooner than you realize, you’ll be floating on Cloud 9.

Be of Service to Others

Being of service to others does not necessarily mean to perform some grandiose gesture for humanity but instead, focus on small, perhaps individual random acts of kindness to help a stranger, friend, family member or colleague. If you see someone at the supermarket who is struggling to get their groceries to their car or out of their shopping cart, lend a hand and help out that person. If someone needs help crossing a road, jump in and help out. I’m sure your loving kindness will be much appreciated. If there’s an opportunity to hold open a door for a stranger, by all means, open that door and see how much that will perk up the person you’re helping. On toll bridges, pay the toll for the person behind you whether you know them or not, and when they arrive at the tollbooth to find that a stranger paid for their toll, it’ll put a smile of appreciation on their face. Other very easy and doable services to others can be: write an uplifting, informative blog article and share it with the internet world, tell a joke (even if it’s not that great) to make someone laugh, send peace, harmony and love to the world because your thoughts are powerful and have an impact on people and the world. Random acts of kindness are our favorite ways to be of service to others because it not only makes you feel good about doing something positive and satisfying, but it also makes the recipient of the kind act extremely happy, even for just a moment in the day. That is still good to take and that also makes you feel amazing.

Be a Living, Moving Powerhouse – Move Your Body

Oftentimes when people feel listless, tired and drained, a little bit of movement, in the form of dance, tai chi, eurhythmy, even jogging, playing basketball (or other sport), weightlifting, and walking can have miraculous effects on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state. Physically moving your body will send out “feel good” hormones to your body. That’s why after a hard workout or a night of dancing, you feel so good and unexpectedly happy! One of our favorite ways to feel joy is the sacred movement through tai chi and free form dancing. When you participate in sacred movement such as these, it takes you to a “flow” state, which is not only great for your brain but it helps you to grow spiritually, all the while getting you in shape, not to mention, too, that moving the body is a lot of fun. Do these activities with a friend or family member or alone and watch how it will raise everyone’s mood, as well as their (and your) vibrational frequency. How could movement NOT make you feel wonderful? This is a rhetorical question!

Be a Fun Buddy – with Pets, Plants, Friends & Family

There is no limit to finding ways to experience happiness, even if it lasts just a few minutes (though we do wish for you to have long periods, if not constant joy!) Playing with your pets or pets of someone you know is one of the best ways to feel joy. Animals give unconditional love and they are magical beings of affection and love, doing their part in the world to raise its vibrational frequency. Look into a dog’s (or cat’s or other pet’s) eyes and feel the love they send you — and they give it freely and constantly. Can you say that about yourself that you can do the same? This would be a good challenge to strive to give unconditional love to everyone you see. It is actually easy once you get into the groove of being in this state of mind. Your attention shouldn’t just be focused on animals. You can feel joy by loving your plants (and plants and trees in general) too, especially if you garden. Gardening is not only therapeutic and meditative, which is good for your well-being, but it also gets you to vibe with nature, which we feel is extremely important due to the fact that we are also part of nature and doing activities like gardening can truly ground you and connect you lovingly to the earth.

Of course, we do not want to leave out the obvious: hanging out with friends and family. Sharing a wonderful moment in time with people you love always boosts your mood. Make time in your busy schedule to meet with friends and family that you don’t see often, if possible – even if it’s just for a coffee or a quick lunch. The time you spend with those who you love, has no option but to make you feel great. Stick with happy topics in your conversation so as to not enter into a quarrel of any sort. It is probably a good recommendation to avoid talking about politics and money matters. Oftentimes, it feels incredible to just BE with your loved one without any conversation whatsoever. You experience a calm moment simply enjoying their company, not worrying about coming up with an interesting subject to talk about. This can be challenging for some people that do not enjoy silence in conversation, but put yourself to the test and try to relax and experience a wonderful quiet time.

Be Zen, Breathe and Meditate

We are divine human beings and one thing that connects us to God (Mother/Father/Source of Creation) is our breath, as simple as that sounds. Yes! Connecting to the All (of which, by the way, you are a part) brings immense joy and bliss; there’s nothing that compares to this sentiment. It is so important (we can not stress this enough) to regularly find peace through breathwork and meditation. Somewhere along the way, us humans have forgotten how to breathe correctly, and that is to breathe from the center of your body, not from your upper body. When you take in a breath, your stomach should move outward, and that’s it. Your chest should not raise as you take a breath, so please pay attention to how you’re breathing. This is difficult because we usually don’t pay attention to breathing. Once you get that into motion, you can use it in connection with a daily meditation practice. Find the most suitable meditation style for you. It could be your own freestyle or you can try any number of meditation methods: guided, transcendental, walking, mantra chanting, even running meditations, etc. We recommend guided meditations for beginners so that you become accustomed to knowing how things work while meditating. Later on, when you achieve pro status in meditation (meaning it gets easier to get into the groove of meditation), you might prefer more of a silent style. It’s really up to you and what you are comfortable with doing. When you regularly meditate you begin to really feel a connection with a universal power and mind, and that feeling is light, love-filled and exhilarating. Try it!

Be Your True Self

Expressing yourself for who you truly are, is not as simple as it sounds, at least for some people. Being and acting from your heart and really being who you are takes some contemplation and work. For example, maybe your husband one day remarked on a sweater you wear. His opinion was that it made you look like a homeless person. Now, forgetting that it is a rude thing to say to someone, why would someone say something like that? Instead of wasting time figuring this out, why don’t we just ignore it? As you might imagine, this statement is a hard one to ignore because it is difficult to hear criticism. As a result, you never wear that sweater again even though you love wearing it because you love the color of it and more importantly, it keeps you warm and you find it to be very cute. You also like the way it fits and looks on you. But because of this unfortunate remark, this sweater stays in the closet gathering dust. This is wrong. If you want to wear something you like, do it. You should never care about what others think of you or what you wear; this is none of their business. Do things you love for yourself and don’t let the opinion of others, especially if it is an unkind quip that was not even solicited – prevent you from expressing yourself and living life as your true self. Do what you love, dress how you like, be you no matter what. When you express yourself truly without censoring your actions (because of outside influence) you evolve exponentially as a conscious, aware, loving being and you feel happier!

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