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Can men have multiple orgasms ?

This is based on a true story from a customer from Hoya, you might or might not be able to achieve those results…

Many men are wondering if it is possible to have several orgasms, i’ll give you a secret, yes it it possible to achieve this ! And even better, it is possible to have an unlimited number of orgasms in a short period of time, without refraction period ( to wait for the penis to have an erection again).

Before reading further, it is imperative, and i insist, that you know if you have a true orgasm when you ejaculate, because no, ejaculation does not mean orgasm every time ! So if you don’t know what you orgasm feels like for real, you must figure this out first ! Everybody is different, so i can not describe this feeling, but believe me, when you know, you know 🙂  If you have a doubt about this, you probably don’t have a true orgasm.

The effect of Trauma on the future of joy

Because i had an immense trauma 2 years before all of this happening to me, i am pretty sure, that all of this enabled the unlocking of this phenomenon. At the time i didn’t know anything about tantra or kundalini, i didn’t even know that existed ! So i will tell you this now, i have no clue if it is possible to reach this state without a trauma, i have read a lot about kundalini and in many cases a big trauma or nervous breakdown starts the process of “unlimited happyness”. So you might or might not be able to reach what i do, i do not know the “mathematic formula” to this, honestly i don’t think there is one, everybody has a different path and you probably have to find yours, i hope my informations will give you maybe little tips to try for you and get closer to your goal of “multiple orgasms” (which is not what i intended when i started, it came up as a bonus for me).

Right after my traumatic experience, i didn’t know what to do, i was in an incredible stress mode, crying every day, and even sometimes asking myself something like “i do not want to wake up tomorrow morning”. This was probably the most horrible year of my life. Then a good friend told me that i should start meditation and that would help me. This is when i started meditating everyday, very seriously. I used an app that i found on the app store called Zenfie (it’s in french). There are plenty in different languages, like “Calm” for example.

After a few days of meditation i started feeling the effects, i was more relaxed, and also i could totally handle the stress much better, the tragic events were still there of course, but my mind was ready to support the heavy weight it was submitted to. Eventually, i could go farther in meditations, and one day, i saw a bright flash of light and started laughing so hard, that was just incredible. My wife came to me and asked my why i was laughing, i can sincerly say that this day i reached some sort of nirvana. I kept meditating for 2 years (off and on, i wasn’t too intense about it). All of this meditation cleared up my mind and i prepared a strategy to solve my fucking problems (very very big business problems). I was ready for the worse case scenario possible.  Eventually my terrible problems turned out to solve themselves in an incredible manner that was way better than what my mind expected.

Don’t forget this important rule when you are in deep shit : Your imagination is your worse ennemy.

My wife and I eventually ended up moving to Portugal, After 20 years of working like a dog, I decided to take care of myself. And offer me a massage every week ( my body is broken by computer work).  That is when I found Hoya.

At first i was going there just to relax and fix my body, but then I slowly discovered that Daniela had some “secret powers” and was dedicated to elevating the energy of people to reach 100% happyness and joy. At first i was thinking “what is this lady doing ?”. But every week I kept going, and every week i got happier and happier with my life. After doing meditations and breathing at Hoya with the guidance of Daniela, I discovered something unique, profound and incredible to me, a formatted man from western society, it is that a man can be the equal of a woman. That just blew my mind, since that day, I can look any woman in the eyes without having a physical attraction, it’s like i see a family member. I truly hope that as a man, one day you’ll be able to see what i see, it is a wonderful feeling of harmony.

So every week i go get my holistic massage with Daniela Karuna, the founder of Hoya and so on… Daniela does her little rituals, sometimes different and so so on.. She created a space of trust that is wonderful.

At some point Daniela told me that i had to reconnect with nature, so i followed her request to respect her work and see where that was going. I started meditating bare feet outside. After a few days I could not stop ! I had to go longer and longer outside and meditate, it felt like a natural need, like eating or drinking water !

That is when i started to be more curious about what she was doing, and when i discovered Tantra and Kundalini, i did lots of research on the subject, and discovered that most people mix up “tantric” with “tantra”, and this is not the same thing at all !  In case you’re wondering, no there is no happy ending with Tantra, this doesn’t not end with sexual favors, there is a happy connexion to the universe, and it is real !

After a few months of work, Daniela was able to completely awaken and I would go even further by saying “REVIVE” my body and my soul. I now see joy and beauty in the most little things in life, colors, a bug on a flower etc. This is absolutely incredible. I got a new life. Even my family and friends told me “your voice is so joyful now !” “you look happy” etc. etc.

I must insist that for Daniela’s work to be successful, you have to meet her half way, it’s not as easy as asking “please Daniela do everything” , you have to do your share of exercises, mediation, and “let go”. Whatever she asks, do it seriously, it may sound stupid to you, but believe me, it’s not, she knows exactly what she is doing,  there will be an immense reward in terms of joy in your life.

Ok enough about the background story, what about the unlimited orgasms ? 

That is when things started to happen, during some meditations, i could feel some sort of “pure love”, and “mini orgasms” shooting in my body, but those are not the regular sexual orgasms, there is no erection nor ejaculation involved. Although the sensation is exactly like a sexual orgasm. Which is the most incredible part of it, because since there is no tiredness effect from the physiological penis action, you can have as many as you want !

Of course that is not that easy as “asking for an orgasm”, because even if i can have multiple orgasms in one session, i am not able to control whenthe arrive, it’s not as easy as with the sexual physical actions where you can « plan ahead ». For now i’m still a beginner at this, and they happen when they happen, i don’t control anything. But i can sometimes have 10 or 20 in a row during a meditation, this is absolutely mind blowing.

The hardest part is to not watch them come ! If you watch them, it breaks the flow, you have to completely “let go” of problems and other thoughts, and focus on the now. Believe me it is an incredible experience.  I now even gets random orgasms when i see something beautiful in life, or even when i’m having an incredible time at work, it’s like living pure organic love most of the time ! Yes your problems will still exist, but you will be accepting them with a smile and will be able to embrace a better future, and definitely and incredible now.

After having thought a lot about how all of this happened to me, my advice and my tips to get to this point would be :

  • Be Kind (What does it cost to smile to a stranger ?)
  • Be True
  • Help Yourself before helping others (and be kind to yourself)
  • help a random stranger once in a while
  • Connect with nature
  • Be Just (it’s ok to make mistakes, we’re humans after all, at least try to be just !)
  • Meditate
  • Be in the present moment (there is only now !)
  • This might be hard to understand, but don’t focus on sexuality for sexuality (just watch X rated video if that’s all you’re looking for, that will be quicker)
  • Take an appointment at HOYA so that all of the dormant energy in you can be unlocked !
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