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Best massage in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal : Where to find it ?

Are you passing through or living in Albufeira, a magnificent port city in southern Portugal, and would like to treat yourself to a simply unforgettable moment of relaxation? Then here is the Hoya Institute which offers massages and holistic therapies. Under the expert fingers of Daniela you will relax to the sounds of Nepalese bowls. Tailor-made, these treatments will quickly bring you a general well-being. Recharge your batteries and renew deep bonds with your whole being. And good news, Daniela also speaks english !

best massage algarve

A return to oneself

This is what Daniela proposes to you, a return to you, a physical, sensory, emotional and even spiritual reconnection. The holistic massage is a global approach of the being and allows through different techniques such as stretching, breathing, different massage movements… a real sensory awakening. Enveloping it meets the needs of your body through listening and silent communication focused on energy. It is your body that will express itself and allow Daniela to bring you relaxation, energization as well as a physical and emotional release. It is with the greatest respect and listening that Daniela accompanies you throughout the session.
Holistic massage For whom and why?

The holistic massage is for you if you :

  • wish to let go and reach a deep relaxation.
  • want to experience mindfulness, here and now
  • feel this need to reconnect with yourself
  • need to break down certain physical barriers, but also emotional, mental and other barriers…
  • want to be attentive to your own needs
  • etc…

The holistic massage also helps to fight fatigue, stress, increase your mobility, improve your blood circulation etc… Addressed to everyone regardless of age, the more a massage is practiced, the more it allows you to discover all these benefits. It will awaken parts of your body that you may never have touched before. Treat yourself to this opening of the heart, this new surge of life and deep joy. Welcome to the Hoya Institute.

Address :
Rua Vasco Santana Edifício Vila Magna Piso 1,
Loja 77,
8200-357 Albufeira

Website : https://instituto-de-massagens-hoya.negocio.site/

Facebook page of the massage institute: https://www.facebook.com/institutohoya/

Preferably contact Daniela via Whatsapp or facebook, for obvious reasons, she is not able to pick up the phone during a session.


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