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5 Ways to Live a Meaningful Life

Mind, Body, Spirit – Before endeavoring on the important goal of finding meaning in one’s life, taking care of the self is absolutely essential. Not only must the physical body be in tip top shape, but also, the health of one’s mind and spirit should also be a priority. The following ideas will incorporate ideas for the body/mind/spirit’s evolution as well as suggest actions to take, in order to live a most magical, satisfying life.

1. Get in Excellent Physical Shape

If you are not feeling 100% physically fit, do something about it to remedy this situation. Go to the gym and work out, jog or do whatever suits your personality. If you are the type of person that would rather exercise at home, then by all means, please do that. If you enjoy more group activities, perhaps you can join a sports league or engage in a more casual game of basketball/ultimate frisbee/baseball/etc. with friends and/or family. Remember not to neglect dietary health so clean up your act, get rid of the junk and bring in the nutrition.

2. Take Care of Your Mental & Spiritual Health

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to improve mental and spiritual health. However, if you are the type of person who thinks they cannot meditate, choose another activity that is meditative and more acceptable by you. There are other activities that can be beneficial without actual meditating, like walking or jogging mindfully, doing Tai Chi, Yoga, Eurthymy, freestyle dance (or other activity that creates « flow »). This has the added advantage of being good for your physical health. Overall, any or all of these activities will lead you toward a inner knowledge and sense of what is important in life. You will begin to question many things and come to the conclusion that there is a powerful, universal force that is always there for you and makes you feel as if you’re part of an enormous, loving picture.

Once you attain a healthy state mentally, spiritually and physically (even if it is still a work-in-progress), you will already have been on the path to finding meaning in your life. There are just a few more steps to continue on your road and to finally reach your ultimate goal.

3. Discover Your True Purpose and Desires

Nothing can prevent you from acquiring everything you want, but it takes focus and introspection to figure out what it is exactly that will bring you to a point of feeling like your life is fulfilling. What will truly satisfy you in life? Ask yourself what activity brings you joy? What things will make you feel satisfied and what will make you feel proud and which accomplishments would bring much happiness? There might be many answers, which is a great starting point! If you are unsure, it is the best time to explore different activities. This is a means to help you find which activity brings you happiness.

4. Do Things That Express Your Creativity

When you engage in playing/singing music, drawing, painting, inventing, creative writing, producing artistic installments, arts & crafts, or constructing/designing original items like jewelry, clothes, toys, devices, among many more possibilities (enhanced and expanded by your imagination) – it opens up so many possibilities. Participating in activities that expand the mind and exercise coherence of your brain hemispheres, can bring you closer to pinpoint exactly what enriches your wellbeing. If you have no any idea as to what you could do, try everything until you find that something that puts a little skip in your walk; keep trying and eventually you will find the things that make you feel as if you’re on Cloud 9.

5. Find « Your People »

Making connections with other people is rewarding and beneficial for not only your life but also for the people you’re interacting with. Of course, it can sometimes be difficult to find the people that resonate with you. This is one of the hardest things to do for many folks, especially those introverts and recluses out there. However, it is never too late to make personal connections. It might take time for some of you. Do not worry, just do your best, hang on to positive thoughts and before you know it, « your people » will make an appearance!

These suggestions are simply an introduction to the process of finding meaning in your life. Once you have the five ways mastered, you will inevitably find even more ways to bring you happiness and fulfillment. The key is to perservere, try different things and go with what works for you. Keep this up and your days of feeling lost and confused about life will be a distant memory.

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