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5 Ways to Create Your Own Sacred Sanctuary

A designated area or room in your home for spiritual practice, sacred texts reading, prayer, personal contemplation/reflection, meditation, sacred movement, journaling, drawing (or other creative activity), or simply for your own chill space – is of utmost importance. This personal space is a sanctuary dedicated to your mind/body/spirit, an area that is quiet and calm, and makes you feel protected, safe and blissfully comfy. All of these creature comforts are absolutely essential for your “you time and space,” somewhere you can focus on yourself, self improvement, philosophizing, and above all, for connecting to beautiful Mother Earth Gaia, as well as to our Mother/Father/God/Creator/Source, whatever you might name this, whether you believe in a God presence, an all mighty power or a universal collective mind, etc. This sacred space is ultimately to nourish the soul, where you practice yoga, tai chi, eurhythmy, qigong, creative dance or other activity for “flow” or other mindful practices that help your soul to heal and evolve, and for your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Not everyone has the luxury of keeping a dedicated room to perform all their sacred activities, so if you do not have the space, do not worry. There are specific ways to prepare space, whatever the size or shape of the space. Find a corner in your home or create a small altar. If you have absolutely no space to work with, find an appropriate place outdoors, for example, at a secluded area of a park, beach, forest, etc. Today, we would like to show you five ways to create your sacred space no matter the amount of space with which you have to work. We suggest that you select features and items that appeal to five senses for your sanctuary: touch, vision, hearing, smell and taste.

1. First things first: Clean, purify and prep the area that will be your future sacred space. Yes, physically, clean it: vacuum/sweep/mop the area, clean all surfaces even walls and ensure that everything is squeaky clean, spotless and disinfected. Also clear the clutter! Then, after cleaning physically, it is also important to create a ritual to cleanse the area spiritually and energetically and to clear negative energies. To do this, burn a smudge stick, which is oftentimes made of white sage, or burn sticks of palo santo (walking clockwise around the area with the smudge stick or palo santo). Perform a ceremony that inaugurates and blesses the space, as well as sets the intention of its purpose.

2. Touch and Sight – Beautiful Visuals – Find items for your space that are pleasing to your eye. Don’t worry about what other people will think; this is your space and it should reflect everything you love; it should be meaningful to you and you alone. For example, photos of your loved ones, thriving, gorgeous plants, love-charged healing crystals, sacred geometry, prayer beads, magical trinkets, totems, musical instruments, divination tools like oracle cards and pendulums, statues of your favorite deities, sacred texts, comfy pillows and rugs or simply something else you love. Lastly, choose lighting and colors that are indicative of loving peacefulness, calm and serenity. When you enter your sacred environment, you want to think, “Ahhhh, I love it here. It is so comfy and cozy and I feel safe, enveloped in love and beauty. This space makes me happy.” This is a place you thoroughly yearn to come to every single day.

3. Sound – Your sacred space holds a vibrational frequency resonance and your goal should be to keep this frequency as high as you can to welcome frequencies of love, compassion and transformation. Music is one powerful way in which to achieve maintaining high vibrational frequencies. Choose music you love, and if you’re in your space to meditate, play music or sounds that work synergistically with meditation. Adding a water fountain in your space also creates  harmonious and positive feelings, but if you’re the kind of person that prefers something more quiet, by all means, do feel free to do what works for you. Some people like to listen to ambient binaural sounds, which works wonders in contemplation and meditation, for better focus and concentration, for memory retention, improving energy levels and sleep quality. Others enjoy listening to nature sounds like waves crashing on a beach, wind, rain and other mellow nature sounds. Binaural beats are known for releasing dopamine, serotonin and endorphins from the brain to the rest of the body, leaving you in a blissful, harmonious state of being.

4. Smell Using Essential Oils and Incense – Certain smells to each individual stimulates the brain, which can in turn, bring up crystal clear memories and feelings associated with that specific olfactory trigger. Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have because it can recall indelible emotions, good and bad, and has the ability to change your mood and behavior. For this reason, find the most pleasant and pleasing fragrances very unique to your liking. Place a diffuser with your favorite essential oils. Some of our suggestions would be: lavender, vetiver and sandalwood for a relaxing effect; rosemary and frankincense for grounding and to feel more focused with mental clarity; peppermint or citrus oils to feel uplifted, perky and more positive. However, use your own discernment to choose what works best for you. Incense also serves this same purpose with the added bonus of clearing/purifying the space from negative and/or unwanted energies.

5. Taste – The sense of taste can also come into play when creating your perfect, sacred sanctuary, although not exactly how you might imagine. To incorporate the sense of taste, we display the favorite foods and drinks of our treasured departed family members/friends and deities. Consider these items as offerings for them, paying them respect and sending them love, compassion and light. For example, one of your esteemed ascended masters or loved one loves sweets and coffee. Leave a pastry and a freshly brewed Americano for them. Offer what they love and do what makes you feel the love for them by providing their spirit with goodies! They will certainly appreciate the gesture and by offering these food items you will feel uplifted and content. Be sure to dispose of the food the next day, never leaving spoiled food at the altar.

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